Bedphones: The headphones for music lovers and poor sleepers

According to a study conducted by the popular UK travel website, Travelodge, “eight out of ten Britons rely on music to help them nod off”. This is where Bedphones can help. Bedphones are innovative headphones which were developed by Eric Dubs who liked to listen to music when sleeping. His degree in mechanical engineering meant he was able to eliminate the problem many people were experiencing: no headphones were comfortable enough for users to wear in bed. Measuring 5.2mm thick, the soft foam-covered headphones are the thinnest in the world and are so comfortable you can wear them to bed. They will practically disappear between your ears and the pillow. They differ to standard headphones as you hook them on your ears so that the memory wire cable runs behind your head and down your back, instead of in front of you. It is recommended that you use the headphones to listen to soothing music, nature sounds or binaural beats played at a low volume before going to sleep. This can help you to sleep better and drown out noises such as tinnitus and other sleep related illnesses. Bedphones are a great value option for those who are struggling to sleep and come complete with a satin eye mask, a sturdy travel case, and two pairs of replacement foams.

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