The Best Assistive Tech for Individuals with Hearing Impairments

As we start a new year, we want to keep you updated with the latest assistive technology and how they can help certain disabilities. For individuals with hearing impairments, we have some innovative products that can help with daily activities at home, within education and the workplace.

What does having hearing loss/hearing impairment mean?

The definition of hearing loss isn’t the same for everyone as each individual experiences varying levels. Hearing loss can be divided into four categories:

The Best Assistive Tech for Individuals with Hearing Impairments

We’ve looked at some of our favourite Hearing Impairment solutions this month and have pulled out our top 4 to review for you.

Wake ‘n’ Shake Alarm Clock

The Wake ‘n’ Shake alarm clock can help people who are deaf or with hearing impairments, as the clock will help the individual wake-up by alerting the user with a vibrating pad, loud alarm and a flashing strobe light. The clock’s tone and volume can be altered to suit different hearing impairments and personal preferences.

The snooze and alarm times are also adjustable. The alarm can be adjusted between 1 to 59 minutes and the snooze time is from 1 to 30 minutes. The clock can also be attached to the user’s telephone, so it will alert you every time your phone is ringing.

Wake ‘n’ Shake Alarm Clock

A specially designed alarm clock system, designed to promote independence through a selection of settings that are individual and designed for you.

The Latest Conversor Products

Conversor has a range of products that can help people who have hearing impairments, which can improve clarity and volume for their daily lives.

Conversor Pro

The Conversor Pro is the perfect hearing companion for people who are hard of hearing and want diversity to their everyday life. The assistive living device will remove background noise and boost audio volume; it’s also lightweight, wireless and easy to use.

Whether you’re in a café, a meeting or a conference, the Conversor Pro is perfect if you need sound clarity in public spaces. As hearing aids aren’t always useful in busy environments, the Conversor Pro allows you to focus on a conversation or voice and it will reduce the acoustics in the room. You can be over 40 metres (120 feet) from the speaker indoors and over twice that distance outdoors.

Conversor TV Pro

As there are many TV systems that don’t have sound systems that are suitable for individuals with hearing impairments, the Conversor TV Pro can help the individual hear the TV or radio more clearly as this is a wireless listening device, which allows you to listen to the TV without turning the volume up.

The Conversor TV Pro is also great if you are in a classroom or a lecture and need to hear the speaker, as it will transmit the speaker’s voice into your Conversor Pro receiver, so you can hear without disturbing anyone around you.

The TV Pro is also suitable for group situations when more than one person wants to listen to the TV or an audio broadcast, such as in charity groups or care homes.

Aftershokz Bone Headphones

The Aftershokz headphones are an innovative solution for individuals with hearing impairments who want to listen to music or a podcast, but also want to be aware of the ambient sounds around them. With bone-conducting technology, the vibrations from what you are listening to will travel directly to your inner ears (cochlea) and bypass your eardrums, so you can be more comfortable and aware of situations around you.

These are a great solution for individuals with hearing impairments, who may feel that wearing normal headphones can be a jarring experience as it distorts their senses. This lightweight headphone has a wireless connection with 6 hours of music and calls, so you can wear them on the go with ease.

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On our website, we offer Aftershokz Trek Titanium Bone Headphones and the Aftershokz Trekz Air Bone Headphones.

With sound can be adjusted to suit you – this phone is perfect if you have a hearing impairment.

Geemarc CL555 Telephone

The Geemarc CL555 telephone comes with an answering machine, is hearing aid compatible and has a receiving volume of up to 50 dB.

The telephone comes with many features, such as: adjustable receiving tone controls of up to 6 levels, a phonebook button that can store 39 numbers, three emergency memories, mute function, big button keypad, LED indicator and much more.

Phonak Roger Pen transmitter

The Phonak Roger Pen transmitter is a wireless microphone pen that can convert speech-to-noise over a distance, which is especially useful if the individual is in a noisy environment and there are multiple conversations happening.

The microphone will automatically adapt to different situations, such as a lecture or an interview without having to change any setting. It will also come with a lanyard – as this is one pen you don’t want to lose!

The pen will automatically switch from being directional to omni-directional, depending on which way you use it.

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