Ergonomic Assessment Service for DSA Students

We are pleased to announce that we are offering a DSA specialist ergonomic assessment and product fulfilment service. We are providing this assessment and report writing service free of charge and will handle all of the product purchasing and the on-site set-up and training of the equipment.

We understand the importance of supporting students during Covid -19 and the positive impact that can have on their learning and overall health and well-being during their studies. Ensuring they have the correct equipment needed is important to prevent further injury and a comfortable learning environment to those with a disability.

Given the covid-19 pandemic, we have developed a remote ergonomic assessment process combined with an on-site assessment final check for students with complex disabilities following strict hygiene and social distancing measures.

Our Assessment Service

  • In the first phase, we aim to complete each assessment within one week of receiving your referral. Prior to the assessment, we will send the student a questionnaire, covering key questions such as what equipment they currently use and we will also request digital photos and video of their current workstation and equipment. The assessment itself looks holistically at the student’s individual needs, with our assessor providing the student with detailed product information including product specifications, images and video, to ensure the correct fit and suitability of each recommended product.
  • After the assessment, we will provide you with a comprehensive hand written assessment report and recommended products and quote within 1-2 days. Our assessor will compile the report highlighting the student’s background and any identified issues with detailed information on suitable adaptations and recommend ergonomic solutions needed to help support the student.
  • Our Consultant will deliver, assemble and set-up the student’s equipment at a time and date that suits them whilst following the guidance set by Public Health England and Scotland. Guidance and training on how the student can adjust and maintain their equipment themselves is provided with additional health and well-being training given to ensure the student is comfortable and happy during their education.
  • The final phase is ensuring the continual support of each student. Our Assessor and Consultant will leave their contact details for the student to contact them, plus we provide the student with the additional resources on how they can access our many lines of support.

For more information please contact our Ergonomics team at

Alternatively you can contact us on 01223 420 101 or

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