“Are You Being Reasonable?”

Have you ever wondered what constitutes as reasonable adjustments? This is a term we often hear a lot, but what does it mean? And how can it help people with disabilities?

So don’t miss out on We Are Purple’s “Are You Being Reasonable” webinar where one of our senior trainers, Gill Hudson, is interviewed about reasonable adjustments in the workplace and what “being reasonable” entails.

This includes the importance of having a supportive line manager and how workplace coaches, such as us, can implement correct strategies surrounding assistive technology and the individual’s work pattern so they can be confident within their work space.

About We Are Purple

We Are Purple are a not-for-profit disability organisation that brings disabled people and businesses together. They are committed to changing the conversation and unleashing the Purple Pound, which can benefit disabled people, their communities and businesses.

More Information on Workplace Adjustments

We understand there was a lot that we discussed in the above webinar! From training and coaching to assistive technology, there are plenty of provisions which can enable each individual and unleash their strengths. One of the important points spoke about was the government grant, Access to Work.

Most of our technology, training and coaching is available through ‘Access to Work’, a grant which supports disabled people who are in or going into full-time work or are freelance.

Our Training and Coaching

Through Assistive Technology training and Workplace Coaching Strategies, our trainers and coaches ensure each person is comfortable, confident and can overcome barriers within their work environment.

Workplace Needs Assessment

Our experienced accessibility specialists visit the employees at their job and examine their workplace. The specialist reviews all aspects of their work and finds what can be improved. This could involve where they sit in their office, their lighting, if they need assistive technology such as software or equipment or if they need coaching strategies to help with their daily work routine.

Assistive Technology Training

There is a range of assistive technology out there, but it can be a source of frustration if you are unsure how to use it. With our Assistive Technology Training, one of our experts will visit you within your workplace and ensure that you can understand exactly how to get the most out of your new technology, so you can use your assistive technology confidently.

Workplace Coaching

Our Workplace Coaching entails of one of our coaches visiting your workplace, learning more about your role, everyday duties and what work processes you regularly face. By doing this, our coaches can create a strategy that you can implement in your everyday working life.

Have you received reasonable adjustments in your workplace? Or maybe this is something you weren’t aware of? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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