What is Access to Work (AtW) and how can it help?

If you have a disability or health condition that can make certain aspects of your work more difficult, Access to Work (AtW) is a grant provided by the government which can help your workplace provide necessary provisions to support you.

Since the 2010 Equality Act, if you disclose your disability or health condition to your employer and it affects your working environment, they have an obligation to make reasonable adjustments.  So if you have a disability and need extra support, let your employer know.

But what is Access to Work? And what does it cover?

Access to Work (AtW) is a government scheme that is provided through Job Centre Plus. It can help the individual through a variety of ways, such as:

Travel to Work
Travel in Work
Assistive Technology & Specialist Equipment
A support worker
Alteration to the work premises

Who is Entitled to Access to Work?

If you are seeking an Access to Work Grant, you must be in paid employment or self-employment or with a confirmed start day and:

  • Have a disability or health condition that affects your ability to work
  • You are 16 or over
  • Live and work in Scotland, England or Wales

How to Apply

  • You can apply for Access to Work online. All you need to do is provide:
    • Your workplace address
    • The name, email and work phone number of a workplace contact who is able to authorise payment for your equipment and support 

How We Can Help…

For over 30 years, iansyst has been providing assistive technology and specialist training for thousands of individuals, whatever stage they are in their careers. We understand the importance of assistive technology and how it can help each individual overcome their personal challenges.

Through Access to Work, we can provide:

  • Assistive Technology
  • Assessments
  • Specialist support for the AT installation
  • Workplace consultancy
  • Assistive Technology Training

Our Technology & Training

The type of assistive technology we can provide covers a range of disabilities from dyslexia and dyspraxia to visual and hearing impairments. We have software that can help individuals with reading difficulties, such as text-to-speech software like ClaroRead or Read & Write Gold. These products help individuals read quickly and more efficiently, which ultimately increases the person’s productivity at work.

Not only can we supply the assistive technology but we also offer training from our nationwide team of AT specialists. All of our trainers have received disability awareness training and are able to support each individual to ensure they can get the most out of their equipment in their work environment.


Text-to-speech software solution for supporting dyslexic individuals with reading and writing difficulties.

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