The Synergy Chair Medium with 2D Arms


This is the specification of the chair advertised Synergy Medium 2D Arms with Group 1 please contact our sales team on 01223 420101 or if you require a different specification or colour

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The Synergy ergonomic chair range is a unique and modern solution to everyday ergonomics that redefines comfort, support and adjustability.
Taking inspiration from the movement of the body, the unique Synergy back was sculpted with sleek lines and sumptuous curves to mould to the shape of the spine and reinforce positive posture.
Long bouts of sitting can cause significant spinal issues over time, speeding up the wear and tear process of your spinal discs as well as increasing the risk of daily back and neck pain.
Approved and endorsed by a certified Physiotherapist, the Synergy range exceeds this criteria and offers support to the spine where it needs it most.

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