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Olympus DP-311 Digital Voice Recorder


The next generation Olympus DP-311 has arrived, precision engineered and cleverly designed with simplicity in mind. Now anyone can easily and affordably achieve high quality digital audio recordings via the unit’s integral microphone.

Simply select a recording mode pertaining to the sound you want to capture – for example loud sounds such a vocals, meetings or memo dictation – by rotating the ‘scene select’ mode dial to reveal the relevant visual icon.
Utilising Olympus’ 40+ years of expertise in audio, an enhanced high quality microphone not only offers excellent recording quality resulting in improved audio playback; a high-powered large front speaker also broadcasts to everyone who gathers around the device. In addition, a flip-out stand at the rear of the DP-311 allows easier viewing of the display screen and helps to reduce vibrations on any surface while the unit captures quality audio in a propped up position.

On-screen characters are easy to view, which is convenient when using the dedicated search button to simply retrieve files by date in a calendar interface. The DP-311 also incorporates large Play, Record, and Stop buttons for worry-free operation.
Further advantages over the earlier DP-211 model include the DP-311’s PC compatibility, the aforementioned simple-to-operate mode dial, plus the ability to utilise optional SD media cards to readily expand the recorder’s built-in memory.

Easy recording, easy search and easy playback

Sometimes the simplest things can also be the cleverest, the Olympus DP-311 being a case in point. Designed to offer an easy entry route into digital audio recording, this is a fuss free ‘one size fits all’ device.

Designed for anyone to use

Operate your digital recorder with unbelievable ease with the help of the mode dial.
The DP-311 recorder makes it very simple for absolutely anyone to get to grips with high-quality recordings: thanks to large, easy-to-follow buttons and a choice of three recording modes for different recording situations (conversation, loud sound and dictation) that can be selected simply by rotating the mode dial.

81 hours battery life, 2GB of memory

Another advantage over its analogue predecessors: the DP-311 boasts a whopping 81 hours of recording time from common use 2 x AAA alkaline batteries – supplied along with an instruction manual out of the box – and a generous 2GB of memory which holds up to 166 hours of recordings.
Use your SD cards like cassette tapes
Expand and prolong the available recording time by simply inserting an SD media card and hitting record. Supporting SDHC cards up to 32GB, users of the DP-311 can transfer recordings from the built-in memory to recordable SD card at the touch of a button.

Easy to navigate Calendar Search system

Instead of navigating endless folders as one would on a computer, users can store files by date (or name) and retrieve them quickly and easily using Calendar Search.
Simply pick out the date on the big LCD screen, select the file listed for that date and play them back with ease. An impressive 99 messages can be stored per date.

MP3 audio recording

Enjoy the convenience and quality of the ultra-accessible and widely shared MP3 audio format.

Playback speed control

Want to go faster, or so slow so you can pick out the nuances of every word? With the Olympus DP-311, it’s no problem!

Low noise microphone & noise cancelling functionality

As you’d expect from Olympus, the DP-311 is all about putting quality first. Designed to provide complete novices with the best possible audio recording and reproduction each and every time, this is an easy to use, easy to carry device that will provide many happy hours of service.

Large operational buttons

For those you want simple to use operation with intuitive design the DP-311’s front panel brilliantly takes things back to basics in featuring the same three large buttons that will be immediately familiar to lovers of traditional analogue cassette recording: ‘play’, ‘stop’ and ‘record’.

Large and easy to read display screen

The DP-311’s large LCD display makes searching and picking out files a simple process. The device’s screen allows space for extra-large font size, big icons and clear status bars – a quick glance at the screen is all that’s required when your attention is otherwise elsewhere. And all this from a unit that measures just 105.5x53x19.7mm and weighs an ultra-portable 96g including batteries.

Practical, time saving controls

Unlike on many digital recorders, where users have to scroll through multiple menu layers via the LCD to access key features such as ‘Play Speed’ and ‘Erase’, with the DP-311 these are controlled quickly and easily.

High Performance, large 36mm speaker

Never miss a word with the 36mm front-mounted round dynamic speaker when playing back sound files. The tone remains consistent no matter which playback speed is chosen, which obviously wouldn’t be possible with an older tape recorder. There’s also a microphone jack allowing use of an optional accessory microphone plus an earphone jack, both of 3.5mm in diameter.

Uncomplicated recording settings

There is a simple choice of recording settings with the DP-311, including noise cancellation on/off, microphone sensitivity high or low, and high or standard quality audio (HQ or SP). Whichever option is chosen the result is crystal clear sound, whether recording the school play or a chat over the kitchen table.

Built-in stand

Using the recorder on a desktop? No problem… just flip out the integral support stand and away you go. This also allows for vibration free recording when placing the DP-311 on a suitable surface.

Box Contains

Instruction Manual
2x AAA Batteries

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Weight 100.0000 g
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