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Notetalker Edit for PC Bundle


Notetalker Edit for Windows is assistive technology software to support users with note-taking during lectures and group meetings. It has been designed to use with the Notetalker app on iOS and Android phones and tablets.

Using the Notetalker app, add in audio bookmark tags where you feel you need you need to refer to later with your detailed notes. Take photos when there is something on a whiteboard or screen which is important for you to remember. Upload your recording to Notetalker Edit using Dropbox, iCloud or GoogleDrive and playback the recordings you have made. Once uploaded, your recording, the bookmark tags and all of the images you took earlier will be loading for you to write your notes. Upload PowerPoint slides, add more photos and as much text as you want. Alternatively, Notetalker Edit can be used with a digital voice recorder, where bookmark tags and photos can be added in on the desktop software.

Notetalker Edit supports people of all ages with productivity, and is extremely helpful for those with conditions such as dyslexia, where taking notes in busy environments can be a very challenging task.

The note-taking software comes complete with the Conversor MM1 directional microphone and universal cable connection kit for any iOS or Android smartphone or tablet and the Notetalker app.

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