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Livescribe 3 Smartpen


The Livescribe 3 Smartpen is the latest notetaking solution from Livescribe. Livescribe for dyslexic students and employees can be incredibly helpful in a classroom or meeting environment for those who struggle with writing notes whilst listening to a speaker.

The latest smartpen is designed to write like a premium ballpoint pen and uses Bluetooth technology to send your handwritten notes to your smartphone or tablet via the Livescribe+ app (compatible with iOS and Android devices). The Bluetooth technology extends the battery life of your smartpen, giving you over 14 hours of continuous writing between charges.

To begin, simply start writing your notes on the Livescribe dot paper notebook and see your notes instantly appear on your mobile device. Whilst you are writing, the smartpen will record all of the audio that is going on around your smartphone or tablet. Using the app, your handwriting can be searched, tagged and converted into digital text on the app. Simply tap on your notes to hear the audio that was happening at that exact moment.

The Livescribe for dyslexic students and employees is useful as it reduces the need to store lots of paper notes. Simply write your notes, transfer to the mobile app and save to your cloud storage provider where you can keep notes organised. Using the app, you can also expand on your notes by adding photos and additional text to your digital notes.

Compare the Livescribe Smartpens using this handy comparison chart.

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