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C-Pen 3.5 Bluetooth Portable Scanning Pen

This product has been discontinued. Please call us on 01223 420101.

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Ultra light pen style portable scanner, gather text from books and documents with ease instead of typing C-Pen 3.5 Bluetooth portable scanner is a digital highlighter that inserts whatever you highlight into any application on your computer.

The text is inserted as editable text which means that the text is entered in the same way as if you would have typed it on your keyboard. C-Pen 3.5 has Bluetooth connectivity and a rechargeable battery to allow for total wireless use.

This device is made for the user that wants to get all the great functionality of a C-Pen with both their computer and mobile device.

Compatible with Android OS, Windows and Mac OS X The C-Pen comes with a built-in speech synthesis so you can listen to whatever you highlight, on your computer. Ideal for students as the digital highlighter is the fastest, easiest way of creating summaries and taking notes from schoolbooks and documents. Instead of using highlighting pens and spending hours retyping the information, highlight with the C-Pen and have the text instantly sent to your computer.

Weight 450.0000 g
Dimensions 7.0000 x 11.0000 x 21.0000 cm



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