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BrailleNote Apex BT 32


HumanWare has been helping people who are blind maximize their digital communications since 2000, when the innovative BrailleNote was first introduced. The BrailleNote family has continually evolved to address the needs of students, professionals and consumers. Today, advanced productivity as well as reading in total comfort are at the heart of all our note taking products.

The new BrailleNote Apex BT 32 Braille Notetaker puts success at your fingertips. Whether you are a busy professional or a hardworking student, today’s connected, digital world is all yours with the sleek and powerful BrailleNote Apex BT 32 Braille Notetaker.

Quick Overview

  • Built-in options are at your fingertips to access Web pages, download e-mails or retrieve files from your network.
  • Enjoy the convenience of wireless accessories and connectivity to keyboards.
  • Printers, embossers, hard drives, flash drives and more, it’s a snap to connect to one of the three available USB ports.
  • Keep an updated list of personal contacts and appointments by synchronizing information with your PC.
  • Use your BrailleNote’s keyboard to navigate with your computer screen reader using the Braille Terminal Mode.

What’s in the box

  • CD “Audio Tutorial”
  • CD “Companion CD”
  • Warranty multilingual
  • Getting Started
  • Command Summary printed
  • Carrying Case
  • Shoulder strap
  • AC adapter
  • C7 – Power cord
  • USB Cable
  • Earphone



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